Reporting on the Academy Awards LIVE, from my living room

6:47 AM EST: Well, I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with the picks for Best Actor, Actress, and Film.  Maybe my poll wasn’t too far off!  Congratulations to Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, and The King’s Speech.  While some pretty bitter people are are calling you mediocre actors/productions, you have the Oscar to show for it.  Now I just want Colin Firth to start dancing (as he feared would happen during his speech) with Natalie Portman.  It would be a perfect end 🙂

James Franco and Anne Hathaway, better luck next time.  I was not terribly impressed with your hosting tonight.  In an attempt to make the Oscars appeal to a younger audience, you tried to take away some of its class.  It’s more than dress changes and cheap shots. 

10:30 PM EST: Okay, so I don’t think I can keep going for the entire show!  I plan to watch it until the bitter end, but this reporting can only continue if I have some sort of speech-to-text translator.  The fact that I even wrote “da bomb” indicates that my brain has shut off for the night.  Have a lovely rest of the show and I will finish my wrap-up in the morning!


10:26 PM EST:  Billy Crystal is da bomb!  LOVE him.

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Oscar Party Roundup

Okay people, today is the big day.  The Oscars are tonight! 

I have written posts on 9 out of the 10 movies nominated for best picture.  Whew.  If you follow me, your Oscar night party will include foods representing each movie.  You can munch on Meat-and-Potato Balls, chomp on Mr. Potato Head Chips, chew at some trail mix, savor the Orange-Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, nibble at a Croque-Monsieur, dip your Scones into some steaming tea, graze at the Dancer’s Fruit and Vegetable Platter, bite into a Truly Gritty Cornbread (with bullet holes), and sip at an Appletini

What then to do about The Fighter?  I admit it.  I haven’t seen it yet.  I am hoping to see it later this afternoon before the start of the Oscars, but that is currently up in the air.  I never realized how much dedication is took do see 10 movies in one month.  Well, I will be ready for this for next year 🙂

I did a little bit of research (asking around with my friends) and those who have seen it gave me two tidbits of information.

  1. His family is Irish-American.
  2. He is a bit of a wild-card.  He has talent, but does not start out on top.

I’m thinking that an ideal dish for your Irish-wildcard movie would be Cabbage Rolls.  They are nutritious, have an Irish influence, and they are different enough that many people may be a bit perplexed by them.  For helpful recipes, check out:


Have fun watching the Oscars tonight!  I will be watching and updating a blog entry as I watch. Since I do not have Twitter (and do not need to get addicted to yet another social media), I figured that I will post a blog and update it as the Oscars progress. Check in to see my thoughts. 

One final note.  Last week, I posted a poll that asks you for your opinion on best picture.  I am re-posting it here so that if you have not yet had the chance to weigh in, you do now, before the answer is revealed to us later tonight.  Check it out!

What Was So Wrong With The White Swan?

Rating: Strawberry AND Chocolate Cake– On one hand, it was excellent. On another, I did not enjoy this movie. If you appreciate depressing and unsettling material that begs for some psychoanalysis, watch it.

The phrase “Good guys finish last” bothers me. 

We live in a world that does not always seem to reward people for the good that they do.  You turn on the news and what do you see?  You see criminals, politics, and tragic accidents.  Reality TV is no better.  Find the people who have the saddest lives and film them so that we can all watch and take comfort in the fact that we have not hit rock bottom.

Very rarely do you see a sweet gesture or an act of benevolence. 

We “good guys” like to think that the gesture gratifies us on a deeper level.  It does, of course, but that is not to say that a general nod at some point wouldn’t be welcome. 

So often, we focus on everything that is bad in the world and, in doing so, it makes us miserable.

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True Grit: A Thing of the Past?

Rating: Strawberry

I bet you a nickel that if you were to go through your encounters of the last day, you will find at least one instance when you said something that you really REALLY didn’t mean. 

“Oh honey, the steak is done perfectly [as I try to pick around the bits that still seem to have blood pumping through them]!”

“No, I don’t mind muddy shoes in the house.  I was actually [I will now] going to be vacuuming later anyway.”

“Oh, yes, I have tried that [obscure and gross] food that you suggested [keep insisting that I try].  It wasn’t really my thing [I hated it], but I can totally understand the draw.”

Now, one would argue that those small lies are more a gesture of etiquette and manners.  After all, in today’s world, we never want to say something that might actually hurt someone’s feelings.  Gasp! 

So what if we [or our floors] get [muddily] walked on?  At least we haven’t made the other person feel badly!

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Riddle Me This

Rating: Orange

Sometimes, you meet a character that you can’t get out of your head.  Even after the book has closed, that character’s distinct voice shows up, acting as some sort of invisible commentary on your thoughts.

One such character is Blaine the Mono, a highly intelligent and sadistic train that shows up in the third installment of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Series, The Waste Lands.

In order for our heroes to get through the Waste Lands, a treacherous and poisonous segment on their journey to the Dark Tower, they must take the train.  Only once they’re on-board, they realize how insane this mechanical voice is.  It has decided that is is prepared to commit suicide…and take its passengers along with it (insert scary cackle here).

Along with the highly irrational suicidal need, Blaine has one other human trait- he loves riddles.  His passengers take advantage of this and strike a deal with him.  If they can tell him a riddle that he cannot answer, he has to free them before he runs himself off of a cliff.

Without further ado, I will share with you some of my favorite riddles (some of which are from the riddling contest).  The answers will be at the bottom 🙂 

Share your own riddles in the comments (It may be good to share the answers as well, considering I am not as good at “thinking around corners” as our heroes are)!

  1. If you feed me I grow, but give me water and I’ll die. What am I ? 
  2. I am the black child of a white father, a wingless bird, flying even to the clouds of heaven. I give birth to tears of mourning in pupils that meet me, even though there is no cause for grief, and at once on my birth I am dissolved into air. Who am I?
  3. What’s the difference between a cat and a complex sentence?
  4. I pass before the sun but make no shadow.  What am I?
  5. We are all very little creatures; all of us have different features.  One of us in glass is set; one of us you’ll find in jet.  Another you may see in tin, and a fourth is boxed within.  If the fifth you should pursue, it can never fly from you.  What are we?
  6. This thing runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks.  Lacks arms, has hands; lacks a head, but has a face.

Read on for the answers to the riddles as well as the third course of my Dark Tower feast!

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I Want YOU to Take This Poll

Yes, I completely understand that I have not yet posted on every single one of these movies.  I’m close though!  I promise you that all ten of these will be posted by the Oscars.

While we eagerly await that night, however, I would love to hear from you.  Take the poll below to tell me who you are rooting for!  If you would like, explain yourself in the comments.

How To Travel the World For Only $30

Rating: Chocolate Cake

Okay, so my title may be misleading.  Perhaps you thought that I was going to tell you about some airline/hotel combination that would allow you to see the sights for hardly anything.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.  If it were, would I be sitting here writing to you?  Maybe not.  I would be out, wondering some bohemian-style, ancient street, taking pictures and savoring the smells (at least the good smells).  Perhaps later, I would settle down to write about these experiences and post my pictures of the Parthenon or the Eiffel Tower.

Not today.

Instead, I want to tell you about the adventure that I went on yesterday.  It involved a book and it involved food.

Of course it did.  After all, I am not The Very Hungry Bookworm for nothing.  Two of the most transporting experiences I know are stories and food.

When I eat chicken and stars soup, I am no longer sitting at school or in my apartment.  I am sitting at the cozy little table in my Mema’s house.  When I smell a grilled cheese sandwich, I am at home, chatting with my mom.  Pistachio gelato will always bring me to Paris.

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