Living The Sweet Life in Paris

Croque Madame: Ham and cheese, more cheese, and an egg on top!

A few weeks ago, I spent some time in my favorite city in the world (so far): Paris.

I had been there twice before, once for a high school trip and the other for a more extended study-abroad program.  I adored it both times and dreamt of a time that I could return.

Last August, I decided that since I actually had my life planned far enough ahead of time to book plane tickets, I would schedule my Parisian adventures for my school’s April break.

While I have seen all of the “touristy”  parts of Paris, I wanted to tackle all of the hidden gems that the locals know about and keep secret from us foreigners.

Nutella Crepe for the Latin Quarter

I turned to David Lebovitz, American expatriot in Paris, who has authored several cookbooks as well as the man behind the popular blog

Like me, he has a keen interest in food and has explored Paris by following his nose to the best bakeries, pastry shops, and bistros.

When I am not in Paris, I live vicariously through him.  When I am there, I follow his recommendations.

A few years back, he penned the book The Sweet Life in Paris.  In this book, he spins tales of Paris, its people, and (perhaps best of all) its food.  I love this book.

He tells us about the best places to buy croissants, chocolates, oils, meat, cheese and more.  This is a man after my own heart.

They shave the meat off of a spit in front of you. Try it.

As I embarked on this trip to Paris, I wrote down some of his highly recommended addresses and paid them a visit.  I also made sure to explore Paris with the spirit that Lebovitz encourages:  being drawn to new tastes and savoring them.

Ham and Butter Sandwich...Be still my heart.

If you should venture to Paris anytime soon, here are some addresses that I can add to his.  These are home to foods

that I will return to every time I venture back (since I WILL be back) and you should try them as well.

      1. Mondrian:  148 Blvd St. Germain, Sixth Arrondissement:  Get the hot chocolate a l’ancienne.  It will rock your world.

        Hot Chocolate from The Mondrian
      2. Berthillon: 31 Rue St Louis en l’ile, Fourth Arrondissement:  Ice Cream and lots of it.  My personalfavorite is a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of dark chocolate…together!  Nothing can beat this.
      3. The Restaurant on the rooftop of the Arab Institute of the World:1 Rue des Fosses St.-Bernard, Fifth Arrondissement.  You will get a stunning view of Paris and a mint tea that will knock your socks off.  Be careful though.  It stops serving food after 3, so go for lunch instead of dinner.

        Pistachio and Mango Gelato
      4. Le Refuge des Fondues:  17 Rue des Trois-Freres, Eighteenth Arrondissement:  This is a tiny place in the red light district that serves up some delicious cheese fondu and great atmosphere.  You have to climb over the tables to get a seat and people write their names on the walls to say they’ve been there.

        Mmmm melted cheese
      5. The Rodin Museum:  79 Rue de Varenne, 7th Arrondissment:  They don’t serve food here, but they give you a great picnic location.  Get some bread.  Get some cheese.  Have a picnic amongst Rodin’s statues.  It’s amazing.

What are your favorite places in Paris?  Have you been there before?  Have I convinced you to get there as soon as possible? 

I’ve only been back for a few weeks and I am already missing it…

Pain au chocolate (Pastry with chocolate inside)

7 thoughts on “Living The Sweet Life in Paris

  1. I am living vicariously through you also. I have never been to Paris. The cheese fondue looked tasty. I like David Lebovitz. I remember him from the Food Network he had a kitchen in a Manhattan apartment. I did not know that he was in Paris. Thanks for the update on him. à bientôt!

  2. We adore Paris but haven’t been there in years. We lived in Lyon from 1992 to 1994 and went to Paris every chance we got. Hopefully we’ll get back there one day.

  3. I had a light breakfast today and this post is almost making me faint with hunger. I have never been too Paris, but one day..

    1. Well, I have been before (for a longer time) on my own. This time, I went with my mom and met up with one of my best friends who is studying there for the year. Not a bad trip!

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