Oscar Poll

Well, it is safe to say that I did not reach my goal of watch every Oscar-nominated movie before the awards show tonight.


If I were making my own awards show for the films that I DID watch, here is what they would win.

Most Emotional Film: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Most Artistic Film: Hugo

Best Set Location: Midnight in Paris (I have mentioned that I love Paris, right?)

Film that made me Cheer the Loudest: Moneyball

Film that I Enjoyed the Most: The Help

Most Thought-Provoking Film: The Descendants (I had even made a pork, pineapple quesadilla to go along with it…will have to post it later)

I did not get a chance to see The Tree of Life, The Artist, or War Horse (Grrr War Horse for going out of theaters just when I needed you!).  I look forward to seeing how all of them do at the show tonight and will be blogging as I watch!  Stay Tuned!

While you are watching, try out some of these snacks!

And while we are eagerly awaiting the show (and let’s face it, the red carpet dresses), I would love for you to take this poll.  If you haven’t seen all of the movies, that is okay.  I certainly won’t judge.


3 thoughts on “Oscar Poll

  1. I did see The Artist. It was interesting because it affected me on many levels. I now know how a deaf person feels watching a movie with subtitles and reading lips. I also now know how people who lived in the early part of the 20th century felt going to the movies. It was an event with a live orchestra playing the music during the movie. I really had to pay attention. I could see how people fell asleep. My spouse fell asleep briefly during the movie himself. It was a quiet movie, with very little music. It was also an artistic movie reflective of how difficult it is to make changes in our lives. If we can’t change we will be left behind and become extinct. I did like The Help probably the best, but I didn’t see Hugo which I heard was a great movie also.

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