The Starks Were Right. Winter is Coming!

For those of you who did not catch the reference, the Stark family of The Song of Fire and Ice series (see my post here) live in the far North and their family motto is “Winter is Coming.”  While we can take that literally and assume that with a general change of seasons, Winter is inevitable, we can also take it to mean “Life may seem good, but it won’t last.”

I, for today, am going to create a third interpretation of this phrase, meaning


Over the past 24 hours, we have received a minimum of 8″ of snow and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only does snow open up a world of fun and frosty things to do, but it also gives me a SNOW DAY to do them.  That was so considerate of Mother Nature.  Thank you darling.

I am working on building a list of fun wintry adventures and tasks so that the next time Winter decides to stop by and say “Hello,” I don’t spend the first part of that visit trying to sort through all of the potential epic ways to spend a snow day.  Yes, snow. day.  Did I mention I had one?  Be jealous.

Here is my list so far.  Add your own ideas in the comments!

Snow Day List of Magic and Wonder

    • Take a moment and feel badly for all of the birds that came back up North early because they thought it must be Spring, with with the high temperature, thunderstorms, and budding flowers.
    • Make some soup or other warming, happy food.  I had grand plans involving turkey chile, but then I tried to leave my garage.  I love seeing a 3 foot wall of snow plowed up in my driveway.  My car is strong, but not that strong.  I decided to wait for someone to come alone to take care of that for me and I had some stuff my my pantry instead.  Not nearly as exciting as this, this, or this.  At this point, I am completely able to leave my garage and get some groceries, but that motivation has somehow vanished.  Next time, I will get food before the storm hits.  Ahhh life lessons.
    • Plan a trip to somewhere nice and warm!  Nothing makes you feel toastier than sitting inside under a blanket as the snow sleepily falls outside your window.  Even if you don’t actually book anything, you can dream, right?! Imagine those trips to Brazil or the South of France.  Thinking about it will cost you nothing, but bring you lots of happiness.  Try it!  Picture yourself here:

Don’t you feel so much better now?

    • Hot beverages people.  Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, hot apple cider, anything that contains the word “mulled.”  These will make your day cozy, sugar- and caffeine-filled, in wonderful.  This is even better if accompanied by a cookie.
    • A cookie warm from the oven.  Yes please!  I am better most of you have the baking supplies in your pantry to make this, or this, or this, in the comfort of your own home.

    • Snowpeople– One day, you might get lucky, find a magic hat, and meet Frosty.  You never know.  Keep living the dream.
    • Read a book!  For some crazy reason, this was not in my original list.  Fortunately, Sheila and Danielle reminded me 🙂   I spent some of my time working on one of the installments of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.  Five books down, only about thirty to go!  They are hil-air-eeee-ous.
    • Catch up on your work.  This is what I spent most of the day doing.  Lame, right?  Except I feel so much better and am breathing sighs of relief instead of sighs of exhaustion or stress.  I’m betting it was worth it then 🙂
    • Update Your Blog:  Because we are cool like that, yo.

What would you add to my Snow Day List of Magic and Wonder? I will add your suggestions in as I see them!


5 thoughts on “The Starks Were Right. Winter is Coming!

  1. Excellent reference!

    Lucky you! I also like to curl up with a good book or movie during wintry, snowy days.

    We were supposed to get 3-6″ of snow here between yesterday and today. When I went to bed I had the company’s weather hotline phone number programmed in my phone and was keeping my fingers crossed that when I looked out the window in the morning, I was going to be able to use it. Well, when I woke up today all the snow from yesterday was almost gone! No 3-6″ for us after all. Only little left over patches and it’s been raining pretty much all day. (though it was a mixture this morning).

    Just once I’d like a snow day from work.

    1. Awwww, that has happened to me a couple of times this year too! Those weather forecasts get your hopes up and then some warm current comes through, making snow completely impossible 😦

  2. I keep hoping for a snow day but haven’t gotten one yet. The perfect way to spend one – fire in the wood stove, a good book, and the dog on me for extra warmth

    1. a book, of course! How did I not include that in my list???

      If only I had a dog, I would get to experience that fun 🙂 For now, I have to rely on a blanket…

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