Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (AKA Eggs That Are Bigger Than You Cannot Be Good)

Rating: Strawberry

As I sat on the plane, flying home from Paris, I had a real problem.  I had 8 hours on a plane.  I had finished all of the reading material I brought with me. They ran out of newspapers to hand out.  I do not sleep well miles above the ground.  At one point, I came to the conclusion, “Well, I guess I could do work so I don’t have as much to do when I get home.”

That is when I knew that I hit rock bottom.  This could not be.  Rushing into self-preservation mode, I frantically looked around for something, anything, to do to avoid facing the real life that was awaiting me.

My eyes eventually came to rest on the blank screen in front me.  My own private TV.  Aha! 

You see, I watch TV and movies so rarely, that I don’t generally take advantage of the free ones at our disposal.  This flight, I made up for it.

Along with blankly gazing at several episodes of random TV shows (and coming to the conclusion that I’m not missing much), I flipped to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

This was wayyyyy better than the TV shows, thank goodness!

Basically, it covers the makeshift herd (the wooly mammoths, the saber-tooth tiger, and the sloth) at a time of great change in their lives.  The wooly mammoths are having a baby and each of their friends react differently. 

The saber-toothed tiger wants to head out for a life of great adventure, leaving his herd. 

The sloth decides to become a mother himself, finding giant eggs and stealing them.

Note to self:  When encountering eggs that are as big as me, do not seek to nourish or nurture them.  Tiptoe away until they are out of sight and then run.  far. away.

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A Tribute to Up and to the REAL LIFE Flying House

Rating: Chocolate Cake

It began as an “uggghhh” kind of morning.  I woke up to the sound of a snow plow scraping against ice (and potentially my building).

Me:  Mother Nature, why?  Don’t we deserve Spring to come?

Mother Nature:  Muahahahaha…I waited until you were routinely going outside in a light jacket and then decided to wreak havoc.  Revenge is sweeter when it includes physical and psychological torment!

Yes, Mother Nature seems evil right now.  Soon, once the warm weather hits, she will be a rosy-cheeked, cookie baking grandma again.  Until then, think Evil Queen from Snow White.

A look at the computer screen told me that I had a two-hour delay from school.  Woo-freaking-hoo.  It’ll take me nearly that long to get to school.

Then, I stubbed my toe.  I blame Mother Nature for distracting me from important things like…walking.

Anyway, all of a sudden, my day started to look up.  First, the two hour delay changed into a snow day.  The pajamas went back on.  Coffee began brewing.

And then I saw this article, yeah, you know, the one that shows us that the house from the movie Up can happen.

In my excitement, I made two important decisions:

  1. I must own that house and live in it.
  2. This blog needs a food tribute to this movie and this real-life floating house.

Read on for recipe…

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Three Reasons Why I Don’t Think Toy Story 3 Should Win Best Picture

Rating: Plum


I first saw the original Toy Story in the movie theatre with my brother when I was 8 years old.  This means that the Toy Story franchise has been around for 2/3 of my life.  That is pretty intense. 

Surprisingly, after I left the movie theatre, I was not as enamored with it as my brother was.  Sure, the technology was awesome and the concept of toys coming to life interested me.  For some reason or other, it just didn’t stick with me.

As the years went on, I watched other Disney-Pixar creations and fell in love with them.  Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. , The Incredibles , and Wall-E are among my favorite movies of all time.  I can recite scenes from them by heart and no matter how many times I’ve seen them, if I turn the TV on and one is playing, I will tune in for the rest. 

No Toy Story movie has inspired that degree of loyalty in me.  Yes, they have heartfelt messages.  Yes, when I saw Toy Story 3, I cried at the end.  I am by no means saying that it is a bad movie.  In fact, I think it is fabulous that the Academy included an animated feature.  I just don’t think it deserves to win Best Picture, and here is why:

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