Why Does Every Best-Selling Book Have to Become a Movie?

Rating: Plum for the book
Apple for the movie

I found myself in a movie theater a few months ago, using a straw to drink from a water bottle, watching Eat, Pray, Love.

Let me back up even further.  A few years ago, I purchased the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for my mom as Mother’s Day present.  To go with that, I also made a bookmark for her.  Personally, I think choosing a book for someone else is one of the most meaningful gifts that you can give.  As a result, when gift-giving time comes around, I head for a book store and read the backs of books to my heart’s content… all in the name of buying an appropriate gift of course.  I chose Eat, Pray, Love for my mom because it is about a woman who goes on  a journey (both physical and spiritual) to discover the secrets to happiness, harmony, etc.  I think every mother deserves the chance to go on a similar journey.  Perhaps not a year-long fling to Italy, India, and Indonesia, but a chance to get away and take care of herself, instead of always taking care of everyone else.  I have not yet experienced motherhood, but I know that I have moments when I need to be by myself and take care of my own thoughts.  Many times, I find peace in reading and writing.  I thought that the book would help my mom take a few moments to find her own peace and quiet and, for that short time, find a reprieve from  the rest of us and whatever antics/problems/issues we have.

I didn’t read the book until my mom and I set a date to see the movie.  The date was set for a Friday and on the Wednesday before, I thought it might be wise to actually start reading it.  So, I spent the 6 hours that I was proctoring a test reading about delicious food, spiritual healing, cute guys, and gorgeous beaches.  By the time I could leave, I had just finished the Italy section and a marvelous description of Naples pizza.  Man, was I hungry!

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