Introducing The Very Hungry Bookworm’s Rating Scale!

I was thinking about it the other day that I need a way to rate the texts that I discuss on this blog.  Generally, from my review, you can get a sense about how I feel about the book, but I thought it would be worthwhile to be even clearer about how “good” a book was for me. 

Once I decided I needed one, I then set about thinking, “What will my scale be?”  Stars? Colors? Bubbles?

Then, it hit me.  For my astute readers out there, you may have noticed that my blog name, The Very Hungry Bookworm, is a twist on the popular children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillarby Eric Carle.  What could be a better rating scale than one based off of what the Caterpillar ate over the course of the book?

Without further ado, I give you my rating scale: 

  • Apple:  This should have never been written.  It has no real value that is meaningful to me, nor would I really recommend it to anyone.  If you should come into contact with it, find a way to conveniently “lose” it before you are forced to open it.  I want those hours back.
  • Pear:  I didn’t really enjoy this.  I can see how other people might like it, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.  It has massive flaws in plot structure or style, but it also has some redeeming qualities.  Not a complete waste of the hours I spent reading it. 
  • Plum:  I could go either way.  Not amazing, not terrible.  In fact, I will probably forget about it completely within the year. 
  • Strawberry:  I enjoyed this.  I can see definite areas of improvement, but it was a nice way to spend my time and I probably got something out of it.  I might even recommend it to specific people. 
  • Orange:  This is quality.  It carried me along to the point that I forgot it was just a story.  I was emotionally-involved and sad to see it end.  I would recommend this to readers in general. 
  • Chocolate Cake:  This was so good, it hurt.  It made me do irrational things like stay up too late with a flashlight or attempt to read at a stop sign.  When it ended, I heaved a sigh in anguish that the author could not have written one more sentence.  Readers, find a way to get your hands on this as soon as you can. 
  • Green Leaf:  This ended up nourishing my mind and spirit.  I was sad that it ended, but it ended just as it should have.  I would not change one aspect of this story.  I will keep this and come back to it repeatedly.  Read this now.  Stop reading my review and get to your nearest store. 


I have already begun to update my posts with this rating system.  I have also added an abbreviated version to the sidebar for your reading pleasure.  If you check out the categories to the right of the page, you will find that I created a category for each rating, so if you want to know what my “Green Leaf” texts are, you can just click on the category! Also, Take a look at the above tab “2011 Books and Movies” to check out all of my posts thus far.