Swallows and Amazons: Potato Croquettes for the Kid in Us

Rating:  Strawberry

Truth:  I love children’s books.  I  know that their very designation for children means that I shouldn’t be reading them, but you know what, I’m going to color outside the lines on this one. 

Most well-written children’s books deliver for adults as well.  They are entertaining, witty, and help to nurture the kid inside us who really doesn’t want to grow up. 

Swallows and Amazons  by Arthur Ransome is just the type of children’s book that is an entertaining read for children and adults alike.  Some people might argue that it doesn’t have any deep Dickensian meaning or conflict. On the contrary, these books do have great meaning.  They show us that we shouldn’t always take ourselves too seriously.  That we can find joy and adventure in the most mundane of tasks. That the best-laid plans can fall apart and that being brave and trying your best is what matters.

In a world that sometimes feels like it is falling down around us, I think we could use to see a little more magic in our surroundings and adventure in our lives.

What children’s books have you enjoyed?

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