And the Most Overrated Classic Award Goes to….**drumroll please**

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Ernest Hemingway!

As I put the poll out last week, I held my breath, waiting for someone to click on the option for The Tale of Two Cities, only one of my favorite books in existence.

Fortunately for me, no one did, and I can live another week.

Instead The Old Man and the Sea took home the Bookworm Award for Most Overrated Classic.  Is this right?  Is this fair?


You see, I have never read this book.

Perhaps my teachers in school recognized that there are other books of greater value.  Or, maybe, deep down, I subconsciously veered away from it, aiming myself toward classics that were hyped up for the correct reason.

The only interest I ever took in this book was when I was creating a mock unit when I was in teacher school.  I thought that Hemingway would be a good author to teach the concept of “voice” to students and this happened to be a novel on the list of possible books.  My professor pulled me aside and quietly explained that while she completely loved the rest of my unit, this book would “bore the students to tears.”

That’s a hint to change something if I ever heard one so out it went and I inserted something else in there.  Perhaps if I had read the book, I would have stuck by it, claiming that classics are tough to read, but good for the heart, or something like that.  I didn’t though, so the old man, his sea, and Hemingway went out the window.

Because I haven’t yet read this book, I am adding it to the list.  I like Hemingway’s short stories; thus, I am giving the dude a break and waiting until I read it myself before I cast my vote against it.  It must have done something right to earn Classic status, even if it isn’t as profound as **coughcough** The Tale of Two Cities.


Now that these nominations are in, here is the category for the next Bookworm award!

The Character You Would Vote For For President/Ruler/Dictator/etc. 

Nominate characters in the comments so that they can become a part of next week’s poll.


PS.  Some of you may be wondering where I am.  Apparently,I am certainly not sitting at my computer screen posting!  In a few days, you will find out where and what I have been doing and I will be rewarding you with your incredible patience with some pretty exciting posts.

Here is a hint of where I disappeared to.  Any guesses?


The Bookworms Week 2: Most Overrated Classic

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A few weeks ago, I asked you to think about which book you would nominate for the category “Most Overrated Classic.”  I received only a smathering of responses, perhaps because you think that that all classics are amazing, or because there were so many overrated classics, you didn’t know where to begin.  From the responses, here are the nominees for “Most Overrated Classic.”  Take this poll so your vote can count when I determine the winner. 

Of course, if you have another nominee, put it in the comments!  I can always add to my poll.