Reporting on the Academy Awards LIVE, from my living room

6:47 AM EST: Well, I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with the picks for Best Actor, Actress, and Film.  Maybe my poll wasn’t too far off!  Congratulations to Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, and The King’s Speech.  While some pretty bitter people are are calling you mediocre actors/productions, you have the Oscar to show for it.  Now I just want Colin Firth to start dancing (as he feared would happen during his speech) with Natalie Portman.  It would be a perfect end 🙂

James Franco and Anne Hathaway, better luck next time.  I was not terribly impressed with your hosting tonight.  In an attempt to make the Oscars appeal to a younger audience, you tried to take away some of its class.  It’s more than dress changes and cheap shots. 

10:30 PM EST: Okay, so I don’t think I can keep going for the entire show!  I plan to watch it until the bitter end, but this reporting can only continue if I have some sort of speech-to-text translator.  The fact that I even wrote “da bomb” indicates that my brain has shut off for the night.  Have a lovely rest of the show and I will finish my wrap-up in the morning!


10:26 PM EST:  Billy Crystal is da bomb!  LOVE him.

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