Over-the-Top “Reality” Shows

Yup, my life is totally like that.

Every weekend, I receive my copy of The New York Times Weekender Edition. I like attempting the crossword (though I have yet to finish it), reading the recipes (a feature on this is coming shortly), and picking up random facts about the world around me. 

On Sunday morning, you will typically find me in my pajamas, drinking tea, watching cartoons, and reading my paper.  The rest of my week is crazy, but this tends to restore my sanity just a tiny bit. 

This past edition featured an article entitled “Reality Shows- Can You Guess the Fakes?” by Neil Genzlinger.  A variety of new reality shows (implying that for some reason we need more) are hitting the airwaves in the coming weeks and this journalist played with these concepts.

He gives us 17 reality shows, only 8 of which are real.  It is our job to try to distinguish the real deals and the posers.


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