The Prince of Tides (AKA The King of Self-Absorbtion)

Rating: Pear

The Prince of Tides is a novel by Pat Conroy, first published in 1986. It revolves around traumatic events that affected former football player Tom Wingo’s relationship with his immediate family. Tom’s elder brother, Luke, met a tragic and premature death and his sister, Savannah, a published poet, has attempted suicide and is now in a deep depression.

After much thought, I have decided that March is my least favorite of the twelve months.  It doesn’t hold any sort of holiday, my birthday has already come and went, it tricks you into thinking that it might be warm and then it dumps snow on you, AND it just feels looooong. 

Last week, I looked at my calendar and concluded that we were almost out of this dreadful month.  I envisioned April showers and rainbows and the snow disappearing.

Well, guess what.  We are still in this month.  Worse, it seems to have turned April against us as well.  Tomorrow, my area is scheduled to get 8-12 inches of snow.  WHAT?!!! 

Just as I have had bad luck with certain aspects of my life this month, I also have had questionable luck with my book choices.  Continue reading