My Favorite Things: Part 9

I have watched this video a minimum of 6 times in the past week.  It is a re-make of the song “Whip Your Hair” by Willow Smith, in which Jimmy Fallon (acting as Neil Young) and Bruce Springsteen (as himself) sing the lyrics in their own style.  It is hilarious and it is nice to see celebrities having some fun and being funny.

If you have not seen the original video, here it is.


My Favorite Things: Part 7

Videos that become funnier and funnier as you watch them repeatedly

Sometimes, the first time you watch something, you are not terribly impressed by it.  If you give it a chance, though, and watch it again, all of a sudden, it becomes really amusing.  Some movies that I experienced this with are:

A Christmas Story

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Office Space

This is also common with YouTube videos.  To see my latest favorite video, click below.  It makes my heart happy, especially with the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out.

What movie/show/video was better for you once you re-watched it?

My Favorite Things: Part 6

Memorial Day

We are currently in the midst of Memorial Day weekend in the USA.  Many people take this weekend as only a lovely 3-day break from work and school.  Yes, that is fabulous, but I think it is also important to remember it as a time to honor those people who fight for us every day.  For me, it does not have anything to do with whether I agree with the current conflict or wars.  It has to do with thinking about and remembering those people who sacrifice for ideas that are noble: freedom, honor, and justice.

While I can (and do) laugh at videos like this one, in the end they break my heart.  How can we send people off to fight for our freedoms when many of us do not even have a basic understanding of how our country came to be or where we fit in the world today?

I ask you to do three things on this Memorial Day.

  1. Make sure you know where your country is on a map of the world.
  2. Think about your friends and relatives who were or are in the military.
  3. Eat a hamburger 🙂

My Favorite Things: Part 2

It really does not take a lot to make me happy.  On the flip side, it doesn’t take much to make me sad either.

Anyway, this week I have two installments of my favorite things.

1.  Royal Weddings:  Quite a few people scoffed at how excited we were over the nuptials of Kate Middleton and Prince William.  I don’t care.  I think it is sweet that two people who seem to care about each other are getting married.  To top it off, a “commoner” gets to become a Princess!  I don’t quite understand why the BBC needed to employ 450 people to cover the wedding, nor do is it quite clear why the US had more coverage of the event than the UK, but whatever.  In the end, it was nice to have something to celebrate in the news.

2.  This YouTube clip:  Julian Smith shows us, in an unlikely genre, a passion for reading and the consequences for interrupting someone when they are in the midst of a good book.  This made me giggle.  Watch it.  Then you can giggle too.